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is FarmLogix' initiative that supports local economic prosperity through the use of innovative technologies. It is built upon our belief that consumer purchasing post COVID-19 will change forever. No longer will the grocery store be the only place to pick-up food, or individual home delivery the only option to procure online.

With this comes opportunity, but also the need for operational change.

Aggrega8 To Go provides instant relevance and puts you in the flow of new consumer demand with turnkey supply chain solutions that pivot us all towards a sustainable and resilient future.

FarmLogix can supply the technology, but the effort can only scale through the hard work and dedication of our marketplace participants in offering long-term economic sustainability to their customers through convenient, innovative and safe food options for their customers.

All participants in our Aggrega8 To Go Marketplaces receive a dashboard to run analytics on their efforts to support democratic food access and economic resilience during COVID-19 and beyond, as well the ability to measure impacts of the combined efforts of all participants.

For more information on FarmLogix To Go products and services that support sustainable supply chains visit pivot4good.com.